BioWare Back Atcha

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, the expansion pack to the Dale, is almost upon us and RPGvault has a new designer diary with a designer no less where you can drink up new knowledge about the latest high-level items and spells within. A driblet:

…Conlan received an avalanche of +2 to +4 weapons of all types, Orrick received a number of new scrolls and items, and the expansion area stores and areas were filled with new, more powerful, goodies. In the expansion areas, I chose to use fewer random treasure tables with smaller lists, making more static drops, more items for stores, and a tighter range of random treasure results. Thus far, the testing team seems to feel that they have a good selection of weapons throughout the game. The process of tweaking the item powers and placement continues.

Icewind Dale was a fascinating game (I heard) that I never really played… I went and picked up the other game at the time… that action/ RPG known as D2.

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