BioShock PS3 Review has a very positive review up for the newly released PlayStation 3 port of BioShock, which they give a 9.0/10.

A lot has been said about 2K Games’ BioShock since its release in August last year. It was one of the most widely acclaimed games of 2007, receiving praise for outstanding graphics, immersive and riveting storylines, technical brilliance and great gameplay. Now, over a year since its launch, it has finally arrived on the PS3 and many are wondering is it all true?

In a word Yes. BioShock is simply a devastatingly good game and although it may not suit everyone’s tastes, it is likely to impress any serious gamers out there. The plot isn’t a simple story to tell, but the year is 1960 and you are a passenger on board a small light-weight aircraft that suddenly crash lands in the ocean. Beautifully told with a cinematic flair, the gameplay starts with you having to swim in dark seas from your flaming wreck to a nearby light-house. The fact that you have no idea what is going on gives this game a nail-biting sense of anticipation. From the light-house, which is ominously enticing, you enter an under-water city known as Rapture.

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