BioShock PS3 E3 Previews

A round of short E3-based previews for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock are now available. First up is GameSpot:

The challenge room we saw took place in a collapsed ballroom which had a gigantic, sky-high Ferris wheel adorned with lavish gold trim. Our goal was to liberate a Little Sister (the spooky little girls who are tasked with harvesting genetic material from corpses in Rapture) who was trapped at the top of the wheel. We began the challenge room staring directly at the Ferris wheel control lever, which was, of course, busted. Though we were carrying an electricity-based gun, firing it at the switch caused the wheels to grind once, but didn’t do much else. We then set about trying to find other means of using electricity to charge the controls, heading down a hallway to find a malfunctioning electric safe guarded by electrified tripwires. To access the safe without frying ourselves, we used our telekinesis power to tug at one of the electrified tripwires to short out the safe, which, as it happened, carried a crossbow that fired similar cables. We headed back out to the Ferris wheel to try to establish a makeshift electric circuit from the room, and managed to force the Ferris wheel to grind forward one more time, but this still wasn’t enough to bring down the trapped girl.

Next is IGN:

One of the examples shown was presented with a pulp comic visual for a loading screen, which displayed Sander Cohen trapping a Little Sister atop a diabolical looking Ferris Wheel in a new area known as the Grand Carnival. Players were tasked with trying to get the Little Sister down from her high area, but there was a catch the mechanism for the Ferris Wheel required electricity and players were stripped of their Electrobolt Plasmid, meaning that they would have to come up with creative ways of producing electricity for the machine. Over the course of twelve minutes, we saw at least three rather creative twists made to try to solve this problem, including shooting the controls with Electric Buckshot, firing electrified Trap Bolts, and eventually gathering a Static Discharge gene tonic, although the demo paused before a horde of splicers triggered the effects of the tonic.

And then AtomicGamer:

The challenge rooms are also timed, and the game is going to support the new PS3 trophies feature so you’ll be able to both compare your clear times and get trophies for playing them. At this point there’s no word on whether this content is going to be free with the game or whether it’ll cost money, nor whether the game will be at the full $59.99 price, or if it’ll be $39.99 (which is what the 360 version costs in stores).

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