BioShock: Inside the Studio Features

2K Games’ official Cult of Rapture website has been updated with a couple of “Inside the Studio” articles (here and here) that bring us up to speed on the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock.

The PS3 Team at 2K Marin is mostly made up of programmers working on the particular changes needed to take advantage of the power of the PS3. But we also have a few artists and designers working on features for the PS3 version such as updated PS3 UI, and the new Survivor difficulty level.

Of course, with all the work there is to do, 2K Marin needs a lot of help. And that’s where the other studios we work with come in. The amazingly talented engineers, artists, designers, and audio designers of 2K Boston and 2K Australia – teams that worked on the original BioShock – are simultaneously hard at work making progress on the game. There’s nothing better than coming into work in the morning and finding fresh new additions and bug fixes waiting. Of course, we need to make copious use of phone conferences, email, and IM to keep in touch with those teams, but there’s nothing better than knowing we’re supported by awesome developers around the globe.

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