Beyond Divinity v1.44 Patch Released

Larian Studios has released another patch for the English version of Beyond Divinity, bringing the game to v1.44. Here is a list of all changes to the game to date:

NEW INVENTORY SYSTEM as of Version 1.40
As of version 1.40, the inventory interface has changed. The buttons on the left side of the inventory no longer act as filtering buttons you can switch on and off. The buttons will now act as tabs. By clicking one of the tabs, the inventory field will only show one particular type of items.

– By clicking the first tab, you will only see your armour.
– Clicking the second tab will only show weapons.
– The third tab contains your magical items (e.g. summoning dolls, charms,crystals…).
– The fourth tab is where you can find your potions.
– The fifth tab will only contain your book collection.
– The last tab uncovers miscellaneous items (e.g. gold, food, drink, quest items…).

Bugfixes in v1.43 to 1.44

– Fixed Sharpen Skill
– Fixed Empty Crystal Bag
– Holy Water isn’t available for pickpocketing anymore

Game enhancements

– Added Difficulty option in options menu (You might want to change your difficulty again when loading an older savegame)

Bugfixes in v1.42 to 1.43

– Fixed Summoning dolls crash
– Fixed crash when mousovering chests
– Fixed crash with corrupt items
– Switched partymember portraits (hero always on the right)
– Fixed weight for some magical items
– Fixed the problem that caused the “Exit Battlefield” problem
– Fixed the charms distribution
– Fixed a bug that allowed an invisible monster to attack you
– Fixed unlimited sleep
– Fixed radius of summoning dolls
– Fixed items disappearing when using give-to command when encumbered
– Fixed enemies that were not attacking
– Fixed piercing skill for bows and crossbows
– Fixed summoning dolls skillpoints bug
– Identify skill now works if summoning doll learns it

Game enhancements

– Balanced sharpen weapon skill
– Balanced splitting arrows
– Balanced blocking skill
– Changed boost of self-made permanent potions
– Added a (small) probability that BF Trader has holy water…

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