Beyond Divinity v1.32 Patch Released

Larian Studios has released the first patch for the English version of Beyond Divinity, bringing the game to v1.32. Here are the full details:

This patch will bring your version of Beyond Divinity to V 1.32. It is ONLY intended for the English version of Beyond Divinity. To install it, just download patch V. 1.32 (23.6 mb), run it and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are looking for a patch for the German version, please click the German support page.

A/ Bugfixes in V 1.32

– Fixed enter battlefields for after the game ends
– Fixed issue where character is invisible when entering battlefields
– Fixed Hurricane skill book
– Fixed Inventory Issues with summoning dolls
– Fixed Possible crash with summoning dolls
– Fixed crash with music in battlefields
– Fixed Aperture skill crash
– Fixed Arrow damages
– Fixed sight skill
– Fixed whirlwind skill with ranged weapons and Summoning dolls
– Fixed Curse Icons
– Fixed Age Objects
– Fixed a problem with curses and equipment
– Act3: Ball in well quest now marked as completed in quest log when quest is done.
– Act2: Luck mushroom now gives boost to luck
– Act3: Necromancer quest in wastelands: Henry now looks like a man instead of a woman.
– Act3: Raanaar quest to kill monster in cave no longer disappears from quest log when completed.
– Act5: Battlefield quests now regenerate correctly when entering a new battlefield through the portals in the temple at the end of the game. This will not be automatically fixed for savegames allready in act5. Act 4 must be finished again to start act 5 all over again, this will work with an already existing savegame from act 4.
– Act3: 4 chests with 4 keys, 1 of them now opens when taking a key.
– Act3: Find cure for man turning into crystal quest now marked as completed in questlog when done.
– Act3: Teleporters are no longer removed at the beginning of act 3.
– Act1: Archer quest no longer appears in quest log for no reason.
– Act2: Imp hero admirers scene no longer hangs sometimes.
– Act3: Earth elemental with gem of teleporter no longer hangs the game sometimes.
– Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now enter house which was previously not accessible.
– Act2: Necromancer quest little village, can now talk to all children after rescuing them.
– Act3: Serrick quest reward is now given
– Act3: Magical gloves scene in soldier camp now also triggered when dk picks up gloves
– Act4: Placing teddy bear in cradle now gives experience
– Fixed magic lightbeam bug
– Fixed Bug with game not loading properly on Windows Xp (Load bar till 50%)
– Fixed interface problems
– Fixed Summoning doll resistance skill
– Fixed an issue with teleport traps
– Battlefield dungeon flags are disabled now
– Fixed/Balanced some various skill issues

B/ Game enhancements

– Improved some skill balancing
– Raised Gold for traders

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