Beyond Divinity Preview

WorthPlaying has put together a preview of Beyond Divinity, Larian’s upcoming RPG that recently went gold overseas. An excerpt, as usual:

One of the most notable features this time around is that you will have a constant companion, a death knight that has been linked to you. If he dies, you die, it’s as simple as that. The good thing is that you will have the ability to manage his inventory, as well as your own of course, and his skills/stats as you proceed through the game. This offers some dimension the previous game lacked as you no longer have to travel solo through the vast areas and towns that felt a little lonely before. Your companion will also give little remarks here and there that are very tongue in cheek and tend to keep the game from taking itself too seriously. Like Divine Divinity, you will select between three class types: warrior, survivalist or ranger. You will also be able to select abilities or skills across classes to build your own multi-class character. I found that building a magic centered character was very limiting, although it’s always my first choice in most rpg’s, and made it very difficult to get through some areas. If you want to add some sword skills or other melee and ranged skills, dive right in.

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