Beyond Divinity Preview

Tales of a Scorched Earth has put together a preview of Beyond Divinity, the upcoming RPG from Larian Studios that will continue the Divinity universe. An excerpt, as usual:

The skills and class systems have been made a lot more complex, which results in even more flexibility when levelling your character. There is a more comprehensive skill tree this time around, but you can dip in at any point if you have the Ability score and level prerequisites (it’s not class restricted). For example, you can make Warrior skills like Improved Accuracy, and Repair available at the beginning, but as you gain experience you could add Lockpicking or Alchemy. As an added twist, you begin the game with your soul bound to a Death Knight, which forms the basis for the story. You must escape the underworld and figure out a way to remove the curse. This provides a kind of party-based gameplay, but nothing more than you would expect from hiring mercenaries in Diablo II or NWN.

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