Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week #33

The thirty-third installment of RPGVault’s “Peek of the Week” feature for the upcoming Divine Divinity sequel is now available. This time, project leader Swen Vincke talks about the problems they’ve had with deploying a patch for the foreign release of the game. An excerpt:

As of last week, Beyond Divinity is available in German, Austrian and Swiss shops, and as is typical for developers, we’re very keen on hearing what people think. Since the mastering of the German version, we’ve discovered a couple of last minute problems, and to address them, we created a patch, or hotfix as we like to call them. Pretty standard stuff, except that this is where our story starts differing from what’s conventional. You see, at this point, we cannot release the damned patch, and that is a very frustrating experience.

Of course, it’s not like we’re not used to it. We’ve been through it once before with Divine Divinity. There, we were forbidden to release the patch when the game was just released, the rationale being that it was bad PR to do so. Being simple and not so intelligent people, we never understood how that worked and pretty quickly decided that if we were to rename the patch a hotfix, we were adhering to what we were being told while still giving players a patch… I mean… hotfix.

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