Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week #22

The twenty-second installment of RPGVault’s “Peek of the Week” feature for the upcoming Divine Divinity sequel is now available. This time, Larian’s El Shrimpo talks about how finding and fixing bugs can sometimes lead to amusing results. Check it out:

Balancing a complex game like Beyond Divinity can be a real pain the lower regions, but sometimes, it can be the cause of some hilarious moments here at the office. For example, one day I was fiddling with the stats for the imps in the game. Imps, in general have weak stats; the Raanaar uses them as slaves. So, they were not exactly fierce opponents during battles, if you know what I mean. But when I was tweaking the amount of magic points they had, something cool happened. The weak imps started to cast devastating magical attacks like meteor storm and chain lightning! It seemed someone mistakenly gave the imps these very powerful attacks, but no one ever noticed because the imps didn’t have enough mana to use them.

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