Betrayal at Krondor Review

For another entry in their “Forgotten Gems” series, RPGCodex digs up Dynamix’s Betrayal at Krondor.


Even though the writing in the game wasn’t done by Raymond Feist, the game actually feels like a book, and it’s been designed to look like one too. All messages are on a background that looks like a piece of paper, chapter endings and beginnings are numbered as pages and they begin with an artistic first letter.
As I mentioned at the beginning, the writing is simply excellent there is almost an absolute lack of one-line texts, everything to read is long, and written in a very good language with lively descriptions, interesting conversations etc.
During conversations, you are presented with a few simple queries to choose from, and the character will ‘do the rest’. It’s important to pay attention to all the dialogues, since the NPCs will often give you tips, side-quests and important information, and sometimes you might just accidentally overlook it, and that’s a very bad thing to do, given the lack of a journal to remember and note things for you.

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