Beta Level Increase

Katricia stopped by the official World of Warcraft forums to report that the level cap in the ongoing beta has been raised to 39. Here’s why it ended up being an odd number:

We are increasing the level cap later today to 39! Why 39 you ask? What an odd number! The honest reason we’ve elected to increase character levels to 39 instead of 40 is to avoid having to make plate mail armors and mounts available at this time.

Plate Mail wearing characters can start using it at level 40. Many of the plate mail recipes and drops are not available yet. We are also not ready to release mounts. Most of them are finished but a few are still being finalized. We certainly didn’t want to give some races mounts and leave others out.

The level cap is mainly being lifted so that you can all continue to grow your characters, explore and have fun. For those eager testers, we would appreciate your main concentration through all wings of the Monastery.

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