Beginner’s Guide to Star Wars Galaxies

The guys at GamerFeed have dished up a one-page article that offers some helpful tips to Star Wars Galaxies newcomers. If it pertains to you, read on:

OK, time for my first suggestion for all you SWG newbs. One of the biggest complaints I constantly hear about SWG is that it’s just too hard to understand; and to a certain extent that’s a correct statement. BUT! There is help. SWG is populated by generally nice people, and they are willing to help out newbies with just about any question. When I started, I could barely move and work the GUI (hint: use the ALT button to switch between movement and your GUI interface). A simple shout in my area got me the answers I needed. There are many new player helpers in the game, who have volunteered to hang around and help newbies get the ropes. Look for characters names in purple. Be sure start in a large city with a lot of people (Theed and Bestine to name a few). That way it’s easy to get your questions answered, and find players to hook up with for various missions or hunting parties (a great way to make friends and get valuable XP you’d probably not be able to earn alone). There is also a great player matching system allowing you to find players with similar interests or professions, and the in-game email system makes it a snap to get in touch with them.

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