Battle Brothers – The Witch Hunter Novel Available

Hot on the heels of the recent Of Flesh and Faith DLC, Casey Hollingshead, the lead writer on Battle Brothers, brings us a novel set in the game’s gritty world of mercenaries and monsters. Entitled The Witch Hunter and totaling around 500 pages, you can grab this book from Amazon (eBook, Paperback) right now, and immerse yourself in a story full of intrigue, adventure, and mysteries.

Here’s a quick blurb from the official announcement:

From Casey Hollingshead, writer of Battle Brothers and author of the recent Battle Brothers comic, now comes the first novel set in the Battle Brothers universe: The Witch Hunter. This tale concludes the in-game story of the strange traveler who carries the Lorekeeper’s black book, as introduced in the ‘Blazing Deserts’ DLC.

Hated. Distrusted. Needed. Richter von Dagentear, a witch hunter known in legend as the Wight, traverses a realm falling headfirst into war. To survive, he will have to betray his profession’s purpose and undertake a task that goes against everything he believes in. All that stands in his way are backstabbing nobles, cruel sellswords, terrible beasts, and a mysterious traveler from another world.

‘The Witch Hunter’ is 485 pages of Battle Brothers and available now.

Visit the Overhype Discord for a chance to win a free copy of the paperback version signed by the team that created Battle Brothers!

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