Battle Brothers: Of Flesh and Faith DLC Released

Of Flesh and Faith, a new piece of free DLC for Overhype Studios’ turn based tactical RPG Battle Brothers is now available on both Steam and GOG. The DLC adds two new company origins to the game, as well as a bunch of new gear and events. The official release announcement also directs us to a comic featuring the new origins, so be sure to check that out.

And here’s the DLC’s description:

The free ‘Of Flesh and Faith’ DLC is a love letter to the fans of Battle Brothers after a journey of almost six years together. It expands the game with two new starting scenarios to pick for your mercenary company – the Oathtakers and the Anatomists – that shape your campaign from beginning to end. These origins come with unique mechanics, new equipment, new character backgrounds, their very own story events, and even a custom-tailored banner each. Experience a total of more than 50 new events in the game!


  • Oathtakers – Follow the teachings of Young Anselm, fight for righteousness, and swear oaths that confer advantages and disadvantages until fulfilled.
  • Anatomists – Further your research even if they shun you for it, dissect the corpses of your fallen enemies, and devise new ways to empower your men.
  • New Banners – Hoist two new banners that thematically fit the new origins.
  • New Equipment – Dress in style with new equipment that befits your origin.
  • New Events – Experience more than 50 new events on your travels.

Together with the DLC, we also get a new patch for the base game. Here’s what it’s all about:

With the free ‘Of Flesh and Faith’ DLC also comes a larger update with balance changes, general improvements and fixes. Below you’ll find a list explaining the most important of these.

If you’d like to continue your current campaign with the previous version of Battle Brothers, or continue to play it altogether without the DLC, you can do so as well. Find Battle Brothers in your Steam library, right-click it and select ‘Properties’. Navigate to the ‘Betas’ tab and select the ‘1.4.x’ branch from the dropdown menu. Steam should now update Battle Brothers, and once done, you’re ready to go.

Note that most mods will not work anymore until they’ve been updated by their authors to work with the new version of Battle Brothers. Make sure to remove them, as otherwise the game may not work correctly or crash outright. This includes any language mods.

Changelog for

  • Changed Agent retinue member to now reveal both contracts and settlement situations, but no longer to affect relations gain or decay.
  • Changed Negotiator retinue member to have the Agent’s old effect on relations gain and decay in addition to his current effect of getting you better payment for contracts.
  • Changed the ‘Crack the Whip’ skill of the ‘Manhunters’ origin to cost 10 Fatigue, down from 15.
  • Changed the ‘Whipped’ status effect to have a different sprite as it is about to run out.
  • Changed Indebted in the ‘Manhunters’ origin to get +10% XP gain, up from -25%, and Non-Indebted instead to get -10% XP gain. The origin didn’t quite play out as intended, and this change should help to have the Indebted be more easily replacable.
  • Changed ‘Manhunters’ origin to have a Company Ledger item that helps keep track of the number of Indebted and Non-Indebted in the company.
  • Changed ‘Head Hunter’ perk to no longer lose stacks on misses.
  • Changed the bonus damage from the ‘Throwing Mastery’ perk against targets 2 tiles away to 30%, down from 40%.
  • Changed the ‘Nine Lives’ perk to grant between 11-15 hitpoints, up from 5-10, when saving a character.
  • Changed the fatigue cost of the ‘Footwork’ skill to 20, down from 25.
  • Changed the ‘Pound’ skill to ignore an additional 10% of armor on hits to the head, and an additional 10% with the ‘Flail Mastery’ perk.
  • Changed the ‘Cascade’ skill to cost 13 fatigue, down from 15.
  • Changed the ‘Split’ and ‘Swing’ skills to gain an additional +5% to hit from the ‘Sword Mastery’ perk.
  • Changed the ‘Aimed Shot’ skill to cost 20 fatigue, down from 25, and to cost 7 action points, down from 8.
  • Changed Two-Handed Wooden Flail to inflict 30-60 damage, up from 25-60.
  • Changed Two-Handed Flail to inflict 45-90 damage, up from 40-80, and the effectiveness against armor to 115%, up from 110%.
  • Changed the effectiveness against armor of the Handgonne to 90%, down from 100%.
  • Changed the shield damage multiplier on named weapons to 1.5x-2.0x, up from 1.33x-1.8x.
  • Changed the stats of some named armors to be more competitive.
  • Changed weapon prices. In general, high end one-handed weapons got a little cheaper, and high end two-handed weapons got a little more expensive.
  • Changed value of paint items to 75, down from 120.
  • Changed background hiring costs. Disowned Nobles and Deserters are slightly cheaper, Militia are more expensive, and Brawlers are slightly more expensive.
  • Changed relations gain for completing the ‘Escort Caravan’ contract with the twist about stolen goods to double of what it was before if the player chooses to fight off the noble house troops.
  • Changed wording of ‘Privateer’ contract to be more clear.
  • Changed Serpents to appear slightly later in the world and in contracts for the player.
  • Changed Orc Warlords to be more inspiring to lesser orcs.
  • Changed Kraken to have less health, and destroying tentacles to inflict a higher minimum damage to the Kraken as a whole.
  • Changed Ijirok to have slightly more health and slightly better stats.
  • Changed ‘Chilled’ status effect to last for two turns instead of one. It now applies -3 Action Points and -50 Initiative the first turn, and -2 Action Points and -30 Initiative on the second.
  • Changed Barber to also allow for the selection of scars that some character backgrounds can already start with in the tattoos category.
  • Changed various minor things for the better.
  • Fixed an issue with how targets of the ‘Big Game Hunt’ contract could immediately wander off and would be hard to find.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Break Siege’ contract where allied troops might chase some unrelated enemies with the player in tow.
  • Fixed an issue with how the reward of the ‘Raid Caravan’ contract is determined.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability of the Alchemist follower to not consume a crafting component.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would lose potion effects after battles in which they did not take part in.
  • Fixed an issue where characters in certain formation slots would not have training effects reduced or removed after arena fights.
  • Fixed incorrect interactions of the ‘Fearsome’ perk with some traits.
  • Fixed rare crash involving the ‘Riposte’ skill.
  • Fixed zone of control issue in event fights against allies temporarily becoming enemies.
  • Fixed Fangshire helm sometimes interfering with the ambition to collect a named item.
  • Fixed various minor issues with the barber.
  • Fixed tooltip displaying how many medicinal supplies were needed by the company not taking into account the ‘Sickness’ injury.
  • Fixed some other minor issues and typos.
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