Battle Brothers: Of Flesh and Faith DLC Announced

Those of you looking to revisit the unforgiving world of Battle Brothers will soon have a good reason to do it, as according to this announcement, Overhype Studios’ tactical RPG will be getting a new free DLC on March 10, 2022. Entitled Of Flesh and Faith, the DLC is going to introduce two new party origins, over 50 events, and a bunch of new content, while the base game will be getting a sizable update as well.

Here’s what we know about this DLC at this point:

While we’re working on a brand new game, fans of Battle Brothers have something to be excited about right now – we’re happy to announce that Battle Brothers will receive a free DLC called ‘Of Flesh and Faith’ on March 10th, 2022.

The focus of the DLC will be on adding two new origins to Battle Brothers, and thereby two fresh and different ways to approach the game. These two origins – the Oathtakers and the Anatomists – will be the most detailed origins in the game to date. They both come with unique mechanics, new equipment, new character backgrounds, their very own story events, and even a custom-tailored banner each. And because more variety is always nice, the DLC will add more than 50 new events in total to the game!

Here’s the list of features:

  • Oathtakers – Follow the teachings of Young Anselm, fight for righteousness, and swear oaths that confer advantages and disadvantages until fulfilled.
  • Anatomists – Further your research even if they shun you for it, dissect the corpses of your fallen enemies, and devise new ways to empower your men.
  • New Banners – Hoist two new banners that thematically fit the new origins.
  • New Equipment – Dress in style with new equipment that befits your origin.
  • New Events – Experience more than 50 new events on your travels.

Alongside this meaty free DLC full of new content will also come a sizable update to existing content. This update will contain a whole bunch of improvements, quality-of-life features and balancing changes. Both the DLC and the free update will arrive for PC on March 10th, and at the same time or shortly afterwards for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

Join us next week for our first dev blog on the new DLC and learn everything about the Anatomists.

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