Battle Brothers Final Update in Beta

The final update for Battle Brothers has now entered the Beta branch. According to the developers, the saves from this Beta version should work with the final release that still requires some minor bugfixing and tweaking before it’s ready. You can find instructions on how to access the Beta in the dev post, but here’s what you can expect from it:

What’s new?

As this is the final major update, our focus was on general polish, balance and quality of life improvements as much as on the remaining major features. Here’s the shortlist.

  • Three different ‘Greater Evil’ late game crises for you to get involved in – a war between noble houses, a greenskin invasion and an undead invasion. Each comes with their own set of contracts, events and changes to the world.
  • The Ancient Dead – an entire faction with new enemies to fight, new lootable weapons and armor, and unique tactics on the battlefield.
  • A new system for mood and desertion – your men will react to how things are progressing, and it’s your job to keep them content.
  • Ambitions – set goals for your company to pursue on their way to become legendary.
  • Obituary – honor the brave men that have fallen under your command.
  • Retirement – retire from your mercenary company when you’re ready to start a new life, and see how the company and its members fare without you.
  • A complete overhaul of Ghouls into the new and more challenging Nachzehrer.
  • New mechanics for morale to make resolve and initiative more important.
  • 11 new contracts.
  • 54 new illustrated events.
  • 2 new music tracks.
  • 70 Steam Achievements.
  • Lots and lots of smaller improvements, changes and additions.

Steam Trading Cards will be unlocked at a later time.

Note that this update is not compatible with older savegames. You will have to start a new campaign!

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