Battle Brothers Developer Blog #96

Overhype Studios is preparing to release the much-anticipated final major update for Battle Brothers, their upcoming tactical turn-based RPG. Their most recent blog update lists the newest features, which will be added to the beta branch of the game in February. These new features will include the ability to further develop and hone your grizzled warriors, a descriptive obituary screen, as well as more ways for the players to interact with the game’s factions. An excerpt:

Veteran Levels

Old dogs can in fact learn new tricks, as your men are now able to attain levels beyond the 11th character level. Any such level is considered a ‘veteran level’ and, for balance reasons, comes without a perk point and with limited attribute gain, but it does allow anyone living long enough to truly reach their potential, for you to continue to experience the leveling progression also in the very very late game.

Making Enemies

Another new feature is the ability to attack anyone on the worldmap, no matter your relations, when turning your friendly glove mouse cursor into a threatening sword cursor by holding the Ctrl key and left-clicking them. This only works when you’re striking out on your own and are not currently employed, but it does allow you to go the route of banditry and make lots of enemies if you truly want to, without having to first annoy your employers enough to finally declare you hostile. Although there won’t be any new gameplay aspects to support banditry for now, there’s a new deterrent coming: competing mercenary companies that can also get hired by your enemies to hunt you down.

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