Baldur’s Gate III Rumors

New rumors have begun surfacing that Interplay may win the rights to publish Baldur’s Gate III, and that the title may eventually become a reality. First, the Interplay Forums have a few unsubstantiated threads that mention this possibility. Secondly, GameSpot has tossed up a quick section in their latest “Rumor Control” article in which they discuss the possibility of a third Baldur’s Gate chapter:

Last Spring, Interplay pulled the plug on Baldur’s Gate 3 after Dungeons-and-Dragons rights-holder Atari rescinded Interplay’s license. Even though Interplay sued Atari to get it back, most role-playing gamers assumed BG3 was dead. However, Atari’s D&D PC RPG Temple of Elemental Evil, earned only a fraction of Baldur’s Gate’s acclaim and cash. (Its self-developed console title, Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes, flopped outright.) So Atari might be tempted to make nice with the publisher of the most successful D&D series in order to wring more cash out of the D&D license. However, seeing how it fired all the BG3 talent at Black Isle Studios, Interplay would have a tough time turning the half-finished BG3 code into a decent game. Whether or not the rumor is true will be revealed in Interplay’s next earnings report, due the last week in February.

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