Baldur’s Gate III and Neverwinter Nights II Followup

IGN PC has dug a little deeper into Atari’s mention of both Baldur’s Gate III and Neverwinter Nights II in a forum posting last week. It sounds like the titles aren’t officially under development yet, but that Atari plans to develop them in the future. Check it out:

As it stands right now, neither title has been officially announced. Rather, the point of his post was to say that Atari owns the rights to both of these franchises (and all new Dungeons & Dragons videogames for that matter), and has no intention to abandon either of them. In other words, even if Baldur’s Gate III is not in active development right now, Atari has every intention of producing another Baldur’s Gate title for the PC. Further, they know very well that another BG title has big shoes to fill, given the glowing reception that the first two games received from both critics and players. Atari wants to do right by the series.

Can we say that either Baldur’s Gate III or Neverwinter Nights II are definitely, officially coming? Not at this time. But Atari knows very well the value of both franchises, and intends to release further PC titles for both. As for possible developers, it looks like much-loved BioWare is not a given for either (possible) title, though whether BioWare ends up being involved or not, Atari also assured us that new Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights titles would get the attention of a top-level developer.

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