Baldur’s Gate Nintendo Switch Impressions

Back in 2019, Beamdog and Skybound Games brought Baldur’s Gate, along with most other Infinity Engine games, to a wide range of modern consoles. Which now leads us to this TechRadar article that goes out of its way to convince us that playing Baldur’s Gate while using a Nintendo Switch controller is not only possible, but can actually enhance the whole experience.

Here’s a couple of sample paragraphs to get you started:

The analog control scheme isn’t only brilliant for new players, however. The change is also refreshing for a returning player who, like me, has already played through the original game on PC. I was able to jump back into the familiar world Faerûn and barrel through the game as I always had, but this time in a totally different atmosphere.

Its already vibrant world feels bolder when you’re able to walk through dank dungeon corridors and sprawling city streets directly, rather than clicking your way across the map. Beamdog hasn’t touched the core Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system that underlies the game, nor altered any plot points, characters, or anything else returning players will likely remember. It’s exactly the same game, only more engaging.

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