Baldur’s Gate III – The Game Awards Trailer

Having launched into early access over two years ago, Baldur’s Gate III might seem stuck in this perpetual content-drip limbo. But, according to the game’s new trailer presented at The Game Awards, it should actually be getting a proper release in August 2023.

The trailer itself prominently features the game’s companions, including some old Baldur’s Gate staples. We also get some impressive-looking locales and a rather meaty mimic. Check it out:

Some additional details:

We’ve just revealed some big news during this year’s The Game Awards – you’ll want to check out this trailer.

Gather your party – Baldur’s Gate 3 launches August 2023. New sights and surprises abound in this trailer, and we’d love to hear about what stood out most to you. Let us know in the comments!

More good news: Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order now! It’s a treasure trove of items for the adventurer in you, and it’s limited to 25k copies worldwide. Take a closer look at what’s inside and secure your Collector’s Edition here:

While launch is in August, there’s plenty more to unwrap before the year is out. Don’t miss Panel From Hell: Holy Knight on December 14th @ 10am PST / 6pm GMT – featuring special guest Geoff Keighley! Join us for a hellaciously festive stream as Swen Vincke and the dev team delve deeper into our Game Awards announcements and the contents of Patch 9.

Set yourself a reminder to watch!

See you next week 😈🎄

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