Baldur’s Gate III – Hotfix #27 Now Live

Larian Studios has put together a new hotfix for Baldur’s Gate III. On top of finally bringing the game’s latest major early access update to Mac, this hotfix also deals with some crashes and fixes a number of assorted bugs.

Here are the patch notes:

Hello everyone,

We’ve got another hotfix for you today, addressing several crashes and bugs. We’re also very happy to report that this hotfix brings Patch 8 to Mac players. We’d make a joke about metal support but we wouldn’t want to explode Neil’s head again, now, would we?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to report these issues to us through all of our channels. Your support is greatly appreciated as we squash these troublesome bugs. Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3!


  • Fixed some companions not performing their camp rituals in savegames first made in the original Patch 8 release or Hotfix 24, and then loaded or saved in Hotfix 25.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when you successively went to camp, traded with Withers, then went to sleep.
  • Fixed a potential crash that would occur when saving or levelling up.
  • Fixed a potential crash that would occur when you dismissed a companion at camp and key items were transferred into your inventory automatically.
  • Fixed passive rolls crashing the game in certain circumstances, like when starting combat while sneaking.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when sending a character to camp while the party panel was open.


  • Fixed Valiant Damage removing Bardic Inspiration if you missed an attack.
  • Fixed spells with effects that end combat getting interrupted.
  • Fixed the hag’s cinematic not triggering when you entered her lair for the boss fight.


  • The party panel now updates the character list when you add or remove a character to or from the party.
  • The journal now updates accordingly when the hag’s reward appears in your inventory after you choose to spare her in exchange for ‘power’.
  • Fixed the Level Up UI not appearing when entering Turn-Based Mode for the first time.
  • Fixed revived companions having empty inventories when resurrected.
  • Improved the text input support for Chinese keyboards (Microsoft Pinyin).


  • Fixed a Vulkan-specific visual glitch that would occur when switching races during character creation.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing squares to appear in the sky around distant trees.
  • Fixed Gauntlet Nichol’s name going missing.
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