Avencast: Rise of the Mage Review

WorthPlaying has conjured up a review of Clockstone’s Avencast: Rise of the Mage, giving the action RPG a score of 6.5/10.

All things considered, Avencast: Rise of the Mage is a very average game on all fronts. For everything that it does right in a given area, it does something wrong. The graphics, for instance, aren’t too spectacular in terms of textures, but the flame effects on torches are staggering, and the spell effects are genuinely some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring I’ve ever seen. Combat is imaginative but slightly unbalanced, with awry difficulty, and it gets boring faster than we’d hoped. The plot is thin and uninspired but with some lovely design on the cut scenes. It’s clear from the fresh ideas and the parts that shine, that Avencast has been a work of love by the developers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s considered a bit of an undiscovered gem by people rooting through bargain bins in a few years, but it’s not something that can easily be recommended. If you need something in between Sacred 2 and Diablo 3, though, this might fit the bill.

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