Autumn: A Meager RPG Harvest

RPGWatch has published a new feature that laments the lack of CRPGs with an autumn-like scenery and highlights a few titles that do a good job offering that kind of color palette, flora and general atmosphere. It’s an interesting angle for an editorial, to be sure, and it allows them to cover games as diverse as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (though, admittedly, that wouldn’t be my first choice when mentioning autumn*) and Lords of Xulima. Here’s an excerpt on the game I chose for the article’s image, Guild Wars:

The original Guild Wars doesn’t get talked about too much these days; a lot of players seemed eager to toss it into the trash bin of history and move on to its sequel. Some diehards still play, though, and my nostalgia takes me back every once in a while to hang out in Pre-Searing Ascalon. It might not have been the very best MMO, but my goodness, Ascalon was beautiful. It blended New England-level autumn color with red poppies and grim skies to create a unique experience.

Walking the ruins of Ascalon in Guild Wars 2 might be depressing, but it still delivers some pretty scenery.

* Or fall, depending on your naming conventions.

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