Auto Assault Q&A

OnRPG has conducted an interview with Netdevil’s Scott “Scorch” Brown, in which the developer answers a batch of questions about the company’s upcoming vehicular post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Auto Assault. Here’s a snip:

Q: Now are there lots of different quests in Auto Assault, and will any of them be in instanced zones?

A: We feature many instanced zones for either the individual or the group (called ‘˜convoys’ in Auto Assault) to play in their own instance of the game. This allows for more scripted types of game play to let us really show off what the game can do. Something that is unique to Auto Assault is that when a player returns to an instanced zone they’ve been to before, they will find the map has changed to reflect their earlier accomplishments; for example, if you destroyed an enemy base and then got a new mission to help rebuild it for your own faction, you’ll return to find it as you left it a smouldering pile of rubble. This gives players a way to feel that they are changing and affecting the world.

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