Atriarch Interview

The matriarch of Atriarch (I couldn’t resist), the alien oriented MMORPG set to go against the likes of Anarchy Online and Dark Age of Camelot, President of World Fusion and lead designer of Atriarch, Serafina Pechan (tell me she isn’t busy), took time out to give an interview to RPGPlanet. Among the things discussed:

RPGPlanet: What will the user interface be like in Atriarch? Is it comparable to any currently released MMORPG?
Serafina: Atriarch’s U.I. is completely HUD based. All windows are transparent and customizable to fit your needs.

Serafina: It is my opinion that the U.I. is a portal through which the player’s experience of the game is delivered. Therefore, it should be as minimal and non-intrusive as possible. My U.I. design philosophy embraces the belief that the more intuitive the interface, the more likely a player is to actually stick around to experience the depth of the Atriarch. Just because a game has depth doesn’t meant the U.I. has to as well.

If they all came out right now, which would you pay to play?

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