Asheron’s Call IRC Chat Next Week

The guys at IGN’s AC Vault have announced that they’ll be hosting an IRC chat with the Asheron’s Call development team next Monday.

We have just received confirmation from Turbine that the AC Vault / Turbine developer chat will be at 7PM Eastern time on Monday 29th September!

We’re still looking for questions! To submit a question, just go to the AC Vault main page and click on the “Submit Question” link under the “Dev Chat” header on the left.

Remember, we will not be accepting any questions which are not AC related, needlessly confrontational, offensive, or otherwise in poor taste as decided by Turbine or AC Vault.

Update: The IRC info is now posted at

Update: The connection info will be posted at, however we have had a request to change the method at the last minute. We apologise for the inconvenience

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