Asheron’s Call Interview

Warcry has conducted an interview with Zyrka, one of Turbine’s programmers that currently works on Asheron’s Call. Take a look:

Q: How much time do you have left in the day do you have to play and what, if anything has changed about what you enjoy about the game?

A: This really depends on how engaged in a particular project I am. I enjoy working on the code for Asheron’s Call as much if not more then playing the game. I’m not terribly fond of weekends and look forward to going back to work on Mondays. That’s how much I love my job. I generally work eight to ten hour days, which gives me two to four hours of free time each day. Right now I am still working on finishing my bachelor’s in Computer Science which eats into some of that time. I end up playing AC around four to six hours a week.

As for what has changed about what I enjoy about the game, I enjoy improving the game and adding completely new possibilities to the game for all players now rather then just those who used my Decal Plug-ins.

I still love doing the quests and playing with all the new content that the team adds each month. Hunting for loot and that rare drop item are the other things that I enjoy. I am not one to hunt just to gain XP, although I do play a level 90ish battle mage.

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