Asheron’s Call Interview, Part Two

The second installment of Warcry’s “4 Years of Asheron’s Call and Counting” interview is now available. This time, they talk with Justin Quuimby, who previously worked as a Games Systems Engineer for the MMORPG. Check it out:

Q: A lot has changed in the world of MMOGs since the launch of Asheron’s Call. How do you think the game would be different if it was re-made and re-launched right now? Would it be as successful as it was four years ago?

A: If Asheron’s Call were to be re-made and launched today, it would be far more successful. Why? The live team. For the past three plus years, they have been pumping an enormous amount of content into the game, and built some truly fabulous new gameplay dynamics. Asheron’s Call is a great game.

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