Asheron’s Call II Review

RPGFan has written up a review of Asheron’s Call II, giving the MMORPG an overall score of 80%. Check it out:

While far from perfect, Asheron’s Call 2 was not as bad as I feared it would be, though some major issues need to be dealt with. The lag needs to be managed. With such a small number of people on each server, there’s no reason for the game to lag as often and as it does. Also, they need to merge servers to increase the average number of players per server so that the player-driven community can truly start to flourish. With 10 servers running at less than 500 on average (the highest populated server, (Frostfell) only boasts approximately 900 players), Asheron’s call 2 is a very lonely world waiting for people to realize it’s evolving.

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