Arcania: A Gothic Tale E3 Preview

The Armchair Empire is offering up a quick preview of Arcania: A Gothic Tale, after seeing Spellbound’s take on the Gothic franchise firsthand at E3.

Exploring the world of Arcania, there will be three separate islands to wander, each with several sub-regions. All the while, there will be plenty of opportunities to thwart evil by bonking it on the head. This will be done through the usual assortment of medieval inspired weaponry, and magic. These attacks can then be mapped to game controller buttons. Depending how long a player holds down one of these buttons will also impact how powerful the attack is. A light tap of a button will result in a short, quick attack. Hold down the button, and a far more powerful attack will be unleashed.

With lots of lands to discover (three islands with several sub-regions), and enemies to destroy, this means players will have a number of quests to go on. At this point there are about 300 of them planned for the game, and they’re estimated to take about 80 hours to get through all of them, so players should be kept occupied for quite some time in Arcania.

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