Another Fable II Collector’s Edition Blunder

Some copies of the Fable II collector’s edition, which already had a price cut after some goodies couldn’t make it to production, apparently do not contain the keycode necessary to unlock extra content. Shacknews brings us the scoop:

Some copies of the Fable II Collector’s Edition are missing the insert that contains the code for the bonus in-game content, publisher Microsoft has confirmed.

That code enables buyers to download a small 108KB file from the Xbox Live Marketplace, which unlocks three pieces of extra content–the Hall of the Dead dungeon, Wreckager legendary cutlass weapon, and Halo-themed Spartan armor and energy sword–that are stored on the game disc but cannot be accessed otherwise.

Microsoft claims that the blunder only affects “a small fraction of the total number of Fable II games shipped and sold,” with the company noting that it is “investigating the scope of this situation” and “will have a means to deliver replacement codes by Oct 28.”

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