Another Arcanum Beta Reaction

I’m thinking of updating this newsbit throughout the day if I find more previews or impressions of Arcanum… the RPG that looks on the surface to me like a hybrid of Martian Dreams and Fallout, but is of course much more when you start to probe. And probe they have.

The newest preview of the game based on the beta test can be found at Sharkygames here. A gander at the alignment properties of the game:

… karma plays a major role in the game, with good deals and benevolent acts being rewarded by a blessing that influences the player’s attributes through the next quest – but evil or notorious acts will just as easily put a curse on the player that can only be lifted or dispelled by another act. All this is part of the game’s numerous layers, which should make for hours of intense role-playing.

That’s interesting, looks like they’re planning on punishing evil acts in the game. Do you think that’s a good idea? Me, I think it depends on the story somewhat. Of course, we’d all like to have complete freedom to do what we wanted, but if the story can compensate, it really is okay with me. But it had better be open ended within that good-neutral restriction. =)

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