Andred Going Offline on February 26th

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas stopped by the Camelot Herald to announce that the PvP server Andred will be going offline for good on February 26th. Here’s the gist of the post:

As you all know, the server itself has been closed since August. Former residents of Andred can still choose the server from the list to see how their character’s names were spelled for reference purposes (see below). On Thursday, February 26, we’re taking Andred off the list, and all Andred character files and backups will be deleted.

If you or someone you love has not yet moved an Andred character to Mordred, now is a wonderful time! Here’s a refresher course on how to make the move happen:

1. Log into the Andred lobby (where the character list is, when you choose Andred from the server selection screen) to get the exact name of the character to be moved. Write it down.

2. Log into Mordred.

3. Create a level 1 character with the chosen *final* name that you wish to play on Mordred. (Really truly final – this is the name you’re going to be stuck with.) Note that the character must be in the same realm as the character being moved from Andred.

4. Log into the Mordred server. DO NOT get exp, DO NOT get gold, DO NOT use the /level command. The move won’t work if the placeholder has any of those things done to it.

5. Type /charpull Andred (Andred character name). You don’t need to use the parentheses.

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