Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Interview

MMORPGDot has conducted an interview with Funcom’s Marius Enge, game director for Alien Invasion, the next expansion for Anarchy Online. Check it out:

Q: Some games allow players to create shops to sell crafted gear by utilizing auto-attendant shop keepers. Will Alien Invasion change AO’s current exchange model and now provide a similar shop feature?

A: Yes, there will be a new interface where players are able to search for different items that are for sale. They will by using this system be able to get easy access to the stuff they need. Exactly how this will be done, we are not sure yet. We are still trying different methods of doing this. One way we might do it is to allow the players the possibility to buy their own shopping booth, but like I said we are still trying out different things so you will just need to stay tuned to get the latest info.

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