Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms – Strongholds Update Incoming

This Steam announcement for Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms lets us know that the developers intend to release a major early access update for the game before heading off to Gamescom. This update should implement some balance adjustments and miscellaneous improvements alongside a bigger overhaul of the game’s Stronghold system. The latter should allow you to customize your home base.

Here are some additional details:

Hello Champions!

Just a quick update to inform you that we are pretty confident about releasing the major update with strongholds before leaving for GamesCom. We initially targeted the end of the month to release it but you know we are fast, and we are testing the feature right now so we’ll hopefully be able to deliver next week. The update will come with a new round of balancing and misc improvements that will be detailed before the patch of course. Two more important info: we are going to release a new patch today or tomorrow too, because we are updating Unity to a new version right now. We were using an old version of the engine because it was super safe and we’ve waited for a new one with the same stability to make the move. Of course, even if we are testing everything right now, a few issues could occurr but in case, once again, don’t panic. We are here to fix everything if needed. The new engine version is needed on our side to include a new set of tools to gather data and info that will be crucial in the next months, for balancing and improvements. We should be able to unveil a few community-related features as well, involving players on our Discord server. Anyone helping us with the development and contributing to the community itself, just helping others or simply contributing with your suggestions, will be rewarded with gifts and perks. More info to come! GamesCom will be pivotal for our future plans, so expect big news in September. While a couple of heroes will be in Cologne [Alberto and Giulia], the whole studio will take a short break the same week. This means that this will be probably the only week of the year in which the game will not be updated. We’ll be available 24/7 as usual on our channels but the guys are going to recharge batteries after this super crazy summer in which everyone gave 110% for the EA launch. In case of emergency [catastrophic events or such], we’ll find a way to fix as usual so, no worries anyway.

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