Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms Gameplay Trailer

Gamera Interactive brings us a shiny new gameplay trailer for their narrative-driven action-RPG Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms. The trailer highlights a number of locations and the game’s combat system. It also reveals summer 2022 as the game’s release window. Check it out:

Hello Champions!

First of all, sorry for being late with the update but Steam was not so much collaborative today. Trailer was scheduled for 2PM CEST since a while and we decided to go on with it despite the fact that we should had a synch between the video and this new feature. Not an issue anyway, all good now and here we are with this new gameplay trailer live after a couple of weeks of very intense work. You can see the world, the chars, the env, the mood and a bit of combat. We’ve decided to move on with no UI for the video, because it was a sort of fresh start for us. The beginning and the end at the same time, looking at the old stuff that press and influencers used for the last 2 years when talking about the game. The most impornant thing is that we’ve a release window now and believe us, it makes all the difference for a team working on a product for such a long time. A lot of people is asking about two main things already: final release date and Early Access. We can’t go in details now but we can confirm that we’ll answer both things at the same time in a few time. As we already said many times recently, the last month has been about squeezing 1+ year of no comm in last minute showcases, presentations, interviews…while working on the biz side at the same time, setting-up things properly to be prepared for the summer. Not easy but we handled it somehow. Since now on, updates will be ever more frequent and we’re 110% focused! If you didn’t yet, check the new trailer here! Share it, share the love and prepare to explore Plamen!

If you have questions about the topic, post it in the comments or poke us on Discord!

Stay tuned!

Beyond that, you can now wishlist the game on GOG as well as Steam.

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