Age of Dreams Announced

Independent German developer Chimera Entertainment has announced development of Age of Dreams, a new action RPG for the PC and consoles.

Chimera Entertainment develops (Age of Dreams)

Chimera Entertainment, an independent Munich game developer, is announcing the action role playing game (Age of Dreams) for next-gen consoles and PC.

Munich, 14.08.2008 Unusual hero development, thrilling combat, versatile sandbox-game play and a novel online experience!

After their innovative title (Windchaser), Chimera Entertainment once again mixes familiar role play elements with unique ideas and wraps them up with a fresh and extraordinary look.

Creative Director Alexander Kehr is convinced of the (Age of Dreams) concept: (We came up with an entirely new class system, one that is diverse and gives the player a lot of freedom to experiment with.) Managing Director Hendrik Lesser adds: (With our first PC title, the team has matured as well as gained a lot of experience and self confidence. We are looking forward to the challenge of a cross platform title.)

Chimera Entertainment is going to present (Age of Dreams) to interested publishers at the games convention in Leipzig.

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