Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Update Notes

The next update for Age of Conan goes a long way to fixing the man-woman combat inequality problem.


* We’re now done with the majority of the process to completely equalize Male and Female damage. We’ve balanced the animation-lengths for all “white damage” attacks as well as all “combo finishers”, and furthermore we’ve matched the animation length of “moving attacks” to the lengths of “stationary attacks”. As a result players should now experience no difference in damage dealt or time needed to execute an attack based on what gender their character is.
* Aborting multihit combos before they’re finished won’t activate their full effects anymore.
* Pet commands should now be more responsive.
* When aborting a multihit combo finisher, you now get a percentage of the full cooldown depending on how many hits you got in before the abort happened. (It’s really in this time!)

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