8Days Dual Shooter Indie Shout Out

Imagine that every war and negative event in human history has been orchestrated by a secret group called the Masters of Mankind, all to keep their interests safe and the world under control. Everything from The Crusades to the Financial Crisis of 2008 has all been because of them.  Well, now you don’t have to because that’s exactly what’s happened in 8Days, a dual stick shooter created by Santa Clara Games and BadLand Games.


In modern times, the Masters of Mankind have created two organisations, the GOD that keep the peace and 8Days which keeps the public suitable lied to. You begin the game in the role of Lola and Mike, two of G.O.D.’s expendable mercenaries out to keep the peace. Of course as you play you’ll unravel secrets and let’s not forget the huge amounts of bullets you’ll be firing. There’s also a fairly good chance that occasionally things will explode

Alex Martín Ugalde (co-founder, Santa Clara Games) says “We believe that 8DAYS offers an awesome mix of guns, insane bosses and explosions coupled with a great story that will keep players engaged through to the very end.”

8Days mixes 2D arcade mechanics with 3D controls, and scatters it over both a single player and two player co-op mode.  There’s also an original soundtrack, featuring the title song “Wildlands”.

It’s already on the reward board, so to speak, being awarded ”Best Gameplay” at Granada Gaming Festival 2015 and nominated for the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games 2015. So it’s definitely getting attention and with this start you can expect more awards heading their way.

The PS4 and Xbox One digital SKU will be released on February 7, 2017, but if you’re a PC user you don’t have to wait that long. You can scoop up and download the new free 8DAYS PC demo from the Steam store now.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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