3 New Games Coming Exclusively to Epic

The Epic Games Store, as controversial as it may be, continues to rack up many new exclusive PC games on its store. The newest additions to this list are three new games from Bigben Interactive, a french video game publisher.

The three games are WRC 8, Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, and Bee Simulator. Luckily the deal was confirmed to be exclusive for only one year, so users of other stores on PC will eventually be able to get their hands on these games if they so wish and it also has no affect on the console versions of the games. Bigben was previously familiar with Epic, as earlier this year they brought The Sinking City to Epic Games Store as well.

Bigben Interactives head of publishing Benoit Clerc had this to say We are very pleased to be reinforcing our Epic Games store offer with a variety of unique games from our catalogue. Our latest offer is comprised of three games that are very different from each other: Bee Simulator, a superb family game; Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, a tactical CRPG brimming with dark humour; and WRC 8,the official simulation of the FIA World Rally Championship, which will also be the first rally game available on the Epic Games Store.”

WRC 7 has a metacritic score of 70 so it is widely enough liked by audiences that excitement for the, Bee Simulator looks to “bee” a truly unique game where you take the role of a Bee and do all of the things that Bees do, so have fun with that Jerry. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is also exciting to CRPG fans as it is the first adaption of the classic role playing game.

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