3 Minutes to Midnight Fully Funded by Kickstarter

A little while ago we told you of a Kickstarter project for a point ‘n’ click adventure called 3 Minutes to Midnight developed by Barcelona based Scarecrow Studio. Well, the Kickstarter finished a few days ago, and they got the funding that they wanted. Hooray. It’s always great news when a great and fun looking game gets it’s Kickstarter on. Thanks to everyone who funded it, 3 Minutes to Midnight is now due for release next year


3 Minutes to Midnight is a Point ‘n’ Click Adventure that puts you in the shoes of Betty Anderson, a smart but streetwise High School student, to solve the mystery of why everyone in her town has lost their memory and what was that explosion that caused it.

It’s a puzzle adventure game with a difference, there are multiple ways to solve the various puzzles, giving your puzzle solving a certain gravitas and resulting consequences. These choices lead to a wide and varied amount of endings, ignoring a character or completing a puzzle differently can lead to massively different outcomes.

There is over 15 hours of gameplay and each location is filled with stunning environments, and colorful characters, each with their own mysterious past and backstory. With design elements crafted by the same hands that brought us ‘Yesterday’ and Broken Sword’.

Key Features

  • An adventure game that mashes together, sci-fi, adventure, mystery and comedy
  • Complex puzzles with multiple inventive solutions and clear contextual clues
  • Two playable characters, both of whom share different views of the world
  • Multiple endings to discover
  • Full English voice acting, and subtitles in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Debuting on PC, with ports to major consoles to follow

3 Minutes to Midnight, developed by Scarecrow Studios is due for release on PC Steam in 2020. We’ll let you have more information when we have it.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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