2016’s Most Promising RPGs

We’re a bit behind with our coverage of Richard Cobbett’s RPG-focused columns for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and I figure we might start catching up with his list of upcoming promising role-playing games for this year. Admittedly, I think the Special Edition of Skyrim could have been removed from the list in favor of any other upcoming title, but there are still a number of interesting mentions, including both AAA and extremely indie titles.

Here’s a little blurb on Divinity: Original Sin II, which is of particular interest to me given I’m slowly working on the Enhanced Edition of the original in my spare time, even though I’d be very, very surprised to actually see it release this year:

While currently teeter-tottering on a December 2016 release date, I’d not be surprised to see this one officially slip in the next month or so, or anyone to mind too much if it does. Original Sin 2 is trying to both bring the experience of cut-throat tabletop D&D to a full party and the single-player experience, with every character having their own goals, secrets and character relationships that often put them at odds with each other. Want to sabotage another player? Take a vial of poison, colour it with red food dye, and presto. “Health Potion.” And that’s just the start of the bastardry both promised and encouraged. I can’t wait to step back into this world, having found the first Original Sin one of the few U7-inspired games worthy of being a successor.

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