New Rust Skins for Console and PC (September 8) – Skullkiller Set, Medieval Set & More

We’re barely a week into September, but already this month has seen a bunch of new skins added to Rust. For Console, we received four entirely new sets; as for the PC edition, we received one new Roadsign set, a new Poncho Skin, and a DB and AR. Overall, this week looks pretty good!

A total of 24 skins came out this week for Console, the most we have ever seen at once. As well as a dramatic increase in the number of skins, there were also no major set continuations for PC this month — seeing more original skins coming into the game is a significant change, and I’m happy to see it.

Console Skins

As mentioned earlier, we received four new sets this month, for a total of 24 skins. These include the Jade Dragon Set, Medieval Set, Pink Camo Set, and Cargo Set.

Jade Dragon Veteran Set

The Jade Dragon set is very polished; the lovely Jade and Gold color combination has a distinct but realistic coloring. The porcelain shimmer of the pieces, when combined with the gold accents, gives a complex semblance of something I could find myself buying in a pottery store. This set includes a Metal Armor Set, a Python, AK, LR-300, and an MP5.

jade dragan veteran
Jade Dragon Set

I think this set is an excellent addition to the game. The green is super original and not so saturated it feels unrealistic. I would highly recommend purchasing this set. If I had to choose one item from this set to get, I would pick the Python. I feel the iron sights will be unique on this skin, and I can’t wait to see how it looks in the game!

Pink Camo Set and Cargo Architecture Set

As for the Cargo Architecture set, I think it is more generally in line with the aesthetic of Rust. It has a very makeshift feel, with duct tape and different types of cardboard pieces all wrapped together over the various pieces. Overall, I think the Chair and the Box are the highlights of this set and are the two skins I would recommend picking up.

The Pink Camo set is a straightforward addition; I believe it will be an appreciated include while not seen as necessary. The combat knife looks like the best choice if you pick up any of these skins. While not the centerpiece of this set, I think it is the most interesting. The other pieces are a little intrusive and extra bright, making you an obvious target. Meanwhile, the combat knife can give you that tiny pop of color you want while not being overwhelming or obvious. This makes the combat knife the obvious purchase for me.

Medieval Veteran Set

medieval veteran
Medieval Veteran Set

The Medieval set is straight-up classy, looking like it came out of a throne room of an ancient king. Its white silver background with gold outlines and accent make it a very well-developed piece that is an excellent addition to Rust on Console. I would recommend going with the Roadsign Set instead of the Metal Set if you had to choose one. The Roadsign set comes with a more exciting pattern and, in my opinion, fits the role of a classy suit of armor better.

PC Skins

I’m happy to say there are no prominent set inclusions in this week’s batch of skins. Instead, this week’s skin release contains four mostly unique skins, one continuation of a small set, and a general garage door skin inclusion.

Skullkiller Roadsign Set

The Skullkiller Roadsign set is an inclusion to the semi-established Skullkiller collection that started in March this year. This month brings us a welcome addition to the family with three new pieces. This skin set has a very nonorganic blue that is somewhere between blue reflectors and dragon scales. This set is obviously a great buy if you’re a big fan of the color blue.

Unique Skins

We received three new Unique skins this month: A DB skin, Poncho Skin, and Wooden Door Skin. I’d call all these skins outstanding and appreciated additions to the Rust skin market.

Starting with the Artic Camo Poncho, this skin is simple, just like the original piece it is based on. This looks like a Polar Bear Version of the original skin, which is great to see.

Next, the Desert Raiders AR is a continuation of the Desert Raiders set that started in early June of this year. With a desert camo look, this seems like a wrap you would expect to find on a desert-issue assault rifle.

The Cold Flames DBS is an enjoyable DB skin. The fire from the top resembles that of a race car print, and the checkered pattern around the hilt is a good addition. Another elegant aspect of this skin is that the inside glows, so when you reload you will see a blue glow inside the barrel.

manufactured wooden door
Manufactured Wooden Door

The Manufactured Wooden Door is one of the best inclusions in the Rust store I have seen in a long time. It has realistic look that seems like it was ripped right from the real world. Fitting perfectly into the gritting aesthetic of Rust, I’m so happy a skin like this got added into the game.

spray can garage door
Spray Can Garage Door

The Spray Can Garage Door is a continuation of the Spray can collection that came with the recent spray can update. overall this skin is fun and exciting. While a little overwhelming and colorful to my taste I think it will find a nice home in someone’s base.

In the end, I think this was an extremely successful week for Rust, both on Console and PC. With the three unique skins for PC and 4 great sets for console, fans of drip should be very happy. Until next time survivors, happy rusting.

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