ICARUS Week Seven Content Update Adds New Backpacks, Farming Packets, Orbital Tools

Past few content updates have brought us many new missions to try our hand at, along with some interesting Hardcore exclusives like the VOYAGER: Recovery, and the newest addition, STATION TO STATION: Extended Survey. While these are keeping us occupied, RocketWerkz decided to switch their focus and outfit us with some new Orbital tools this week!

By the way — if you were among the users who had issues with STATION TO STATION, you can give this mission another chance: developers have announced that they have addressed the issue.

New Backpacks

Now, let’s talk about the goodies!

First of all, we are going to get three new backpacks in the Orbital workshop: Survival Backpack (helps with speed and falling injuries), Gatherer’s Backpack (decreases weight of ores and wood), and the Archer’s Backpack (faster reload speed, aim speed, arrow speed).

icarus survival backpack
Not going to lie, I fall a lot. Running around cliffs with a dim torch at night? Oh, absolutely. This is going to be really worth 75 Ren for me.

Farming Packets

See, I would have used Crop Plots much more often if I could plant forest crops in desert-only missions. Developers have now solved that issue! We now have Orbital farming packets for corn, squash, pumpkins, carrots, berries, wheat, watermelon, beans, and a new addition — mushrooms!

icarus corn farming packet
… Anyone noticed that corn seems to be able to spread by itself on this planet? Did it go back to being wild in this environment?

When consumed, these give you 5 of the corresponding item from within, ready for planting or anything else!

Orbital Crate and Furnace

Alright, if you are like me and you drag your Stone Furnace or Concrete Furnace around while mining (smelting means you can carry so much more out of each cave!), the MXC Furnace must feel like an exciting addition.

Another nifty new item in this Orbital branch is the MXC Crate. Assuming it offers more storage than the Medium Wood Crate, this is a nice shortcut for having larger storage solutions early on.

New Upgrades for Orbital Tools

For the most part, Orbital tools came in the pattern of an introductory tool, two cheaper tools with downsides, and one ultimate version of the tool that also costs some exotics. Now we are getting an upgrade to the Shengong items with the new line of Inaris tools. These ones cost only exotics, and a lot of them (1000 to research and 400 to craft), but come with some unique buffs.

We will now have access to Inaris “Dias” Axe with decreased carry weight of wood, Inaris “Neves” Pickaxe with lower over-encumberance penalty, Inaris “Gris” Spear with a chance to slow and to immobilize, and Inaris “Ventura” Knife with 100% chance to resist wounds (my personal favorite!).

Rounding up the Inaris collection is the Inaris “Aruda” Arrow Bundle which comes with superior damage. Unlike the other items on the list, this one does not require exotics to research or craft. Unfortunately, no Inaris bow! We will eagerly await one next time.

New Envirosuit Modules

Last but not least, two new envirosuit modules, and quite interesting ones, too. I have not played a full Hunter Build in a while, but the benefits these two come with make me think of the Health Bars and Sense Animals talents. If I am right, these two can certainly be very useful! I found that perceiving animals at night is a massive advantage — unlocking this set of talents made a lot of difference for what I could do in the dark.

The two new Modules are: the Animal Healthbar Module and Animal Highlighting Module (which requires the first one to be unlocked).

ICARUS Patch Notes — Version:

  • Added Gatherer’s Backpack (+6 Inventory Slots, Reduction in Wood and Ore Carry Weight)
  • Added Archer’s Backpack (+6 Inventory Slots, Increase bow reload speed, increased arrow projectile speed, increased aim down sights speed)
  • Added Survivor’s Backpack (+6 Inventory Slots, Fall Damage resistance, sprain chance reduction, small movement speed buff)
  • Added Farming Packets for various crops, allowing you to farm crops that may not exist nativly in the drop area.
  • Added Animal Highlighting Module which increases the visibility of fauna when equipped.
  • Added Animal Healthbar Module which lets you see how much health creatures have.
  • Added New Inaris Tools:
    • Axe ‘Dias’ – Wood Carry weight reduction
    • Pickaxe ‘Neves’ – Emcumbered penalty reduction, 148% mining yield
    • Spear ‘Gris’ – 50% Chance to inflict slow, 10% to immoblise
    • Knife ‘Ventura’ – 100% chance to resist wound
    • Arrows ‘Aruda’ – 25x Pack 71-75 Damage
  • Added MXC Furnance allowing players to shortcut some of the resource production chain.
  • Added MXC Crate – Deployable storage container available right from the start of your drop (25 slots).
  • Changed the layout and cost of several workshop recipes.
  • Increased number of slots in player gravestones and overflow bags, preventing items being moved into the world where they could be lost.
  • Fixed several issues with the STATION TO STATION: Long Survey mission.
  • Fixed issue where physical resistance was not correctly applied to melee resistance in damage calculation.
  • Fixed ‘Quick Load’ talent not increasing reload speed as intended.

Do you have thoughts on the new Orbital items? Any you found particularly useful or, on the opposite, surprisingly useless? Let us know in the comments!

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