ICARUS Week Four Content Update Adds Two More Missions and Bug Fixes

Devs at RocketWerkz continue their tradition of surprising us with new content during holidays, this time getting us a little New Year’s Eve present. Their fourth weekly content update matches the small package from last week — two new missions and some bug fixes — but is a welcome final addition to our ICARUS 2021 experience.

Last week we were introduced to the new mission type, the Stockpile, now with a new addition: the ADVANCED ORDER. Unlike the AGRICULTURE, this one is taking place in the Arctic with a large order for raw resources and munitions to supply the new personnel for Sinotai. Well, even if procuring consumables will be a bit tricky this time around, keeping them fresh should be less of a problem, right?

The other new mission is VOYAGER: Recovery, set in the desert biome. Don’t dismiss this one quite yet — it seems that this mission’s base rating is Hardcore, which means that there will be no self-respawn. (If you want some ideas for dealing with this challenge, we have some suggestions in our Missions Guide.) Mission details for the VOYAGER are redacted in the official announcement, with the promise that prospectors will be briefed once they are on the planet. … Peculiar.

A few bug fixes this time around deal with food spoiling, particularly inside the Cargo Pod, which is an interesting addition in light of ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile mission.

ICARUS Patch Notes – Version:

  • Added new mission VOYAGER: Recovery
  • Added new mission ADVANCED ORDER: Stockpile
  • Added refrigeration (food spoilage modifier) to Stockpile Cargo Pod inventory.
  • Fixed issue where modifiers to food spoilage rates on cargo ship inventories were not applied on resuming a drop.
  • Fixed issue where the cosmetic options for the host player could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed unintentional change causing the extractor to operate significantly slower than intended.
  • Fixed ‘Rifle-Reup’ Talent which was making rifle reloading slower instead of faster.
  • Fixed issue any object that consumes fuel would sometimes not stop consuming fuel when they had finished working.
  • Fixed issue where carrots could not be placed in the Icebox / Fridge.
  • Removed ability for glacier expedition to have randomized item locations to attempt to address issues over database reload issues.
  • Fixed issue where server only would run meta deposit emptied visual effects when meta deposit wasnt empty.
  • Fixed long term survey incorrectly not recording the collect location quest marker.

Are you more excited for traveling through the hot Desert sands or dragging resources back to a cozy warm shelter in the Arctic? However you plan on celebrating your New Year’s, we wish you and your loved ones the best and hope to see you soon in 2022!

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