ICARUS Week 34 Update: New Black Wolf World Boss, Equipment, and Mission

With the Week 34 update, the Styx just got a little creepier. A new world boss, The Black Wolf, will be stalking prospectors on a new extermination mission… as well as many other missions on Icarus.

New World Boss: The Black Wolf

There is a lot to take in about this prospectors’ not-so-best friend. It definitely wants to be more alpha than amiable. Here is what RocketWerkz is saying about the Black Wolf and its entourage:

  • The Black Wolf will spawn only in the Forest and Arctic biomes
  • This World Boss is only on the Styx map for now, but soon its hunting grounds may spread to the Olympus map
  • There is a randomly chosen limit of up to 7 spawn locations per prospect
  • The Black Wolf always has pack wolves which constantly spawn and patrol its territory
  • The Black Wolf has a 25% change to cause a new status ailment: Hemorrhaging
  • Hemorrhaging causes Bleed, which worsens as you move (or try to flee)
  • The AI for the Boss and pack now includes dodge tactics
  • The alpha wolf boss bug–which caused it to walk at you instead of run–has been fixed
  • Pack wolves can spawn from wolf dens up to 75m away from the Black Wolf den
  • Pack wolves can spawn when you are up to 100m from the den
  • The Black Wolf World Boss is tethered

New Black Wolf Blueprints

It sounds like the Black Wolf could be the stuff of nightmares. On the other hand, the new Black Wolf swag you will be able to craft from its teeth is very sharp:

  • New knife: This knife sports a 175% boost to skinning yields, and more importantly it causes Hemorrhage. This debuff is weaker than the version the World Boss can give you, but it can stack higher.
  • New arrows: These arrows are very similar in mechanics to the status-changing arrows available in the Orbital Workshop. They have a 100% change to cause Hemorrhage, but they also have a high change of breaking

New Extermination Mission: LUPINE

In order to learn these recipes, however, you will have to take down the new World Boss on the new Styx mission, LUPINE: Extermination. It takes place in the Forest Biome. The time limit will be only 5 hours, so get your best equipment crafted quickly.


To wrap up the Week 34 update, here are some highlights of work done on future content this week:

  • A lot of work is being done on graphics for Swamp and Volcano biomes
  • Firepits are being worked on, an alternative to the campfire and fireplace
  • Many changes have been made to weapons sound effects
  • Armadillos may soon be coming to a biome near you
  • Meshes and materials are being tested for a Larkwell armor set, and a mesh for fox armor was added
  • The alterations system is seeing some…alterations:
    • The Attachments and Alterations benches will be combined, and there will be separate T3 and T4 benches
    • A promising 22 attachments were added for melee tools, and some attachments will only be available for specific tools.
    • Altering tools and crafting attachments can be done simultaneously on the same bench, and attaching/removing operations take 10 seconds each
  • A new HIGHRISE prospect was listed for testing
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