ICARUS Week 30 Update: Horde Mode Tweaks, Dedicated Server Details

This week’s update to ICARUS was brief to be sure. However, we got some interesting new details about how the move to dedicated servers will impact gameplay.

Horde Mode Improved: Alpha Enemies and Scaling Rewards

icarus week 30 update condensor concrete bunker

Last week, Horde Mode was introduced, where we defend a Tier 4 Vapor Condenser on an Enzyme Geyser from waves of enemies. This nets rewards in the form of Exotics and a new item, Condensed Enzymes, at the end of each wave.

To make the challenge more interesting, the Condenser will now draw alpha predators, as well as cute bear cubs. (Hmm, do I let the little guy live or save my condenser…?) So that the risk matches the reward, experience and loot will scale with prospect difficulty level: up to 2x for experience, and up to 4x for loot.

icarus week 30 update overkill bunker defense

Dedicated Servers: ICARUS Moves Toward Offline Mode

We also learned new details about how dedicated servers were going to be implemented, and the impact it would have on gameplay. Here is the rundown:

  • Players will no longer need an active server connection or internet connection to run ICARUS (presumably on solo missions).
  • Multiplayer will stay mostly the same. However, only the original host of the prospect can resume the prospect.
  • Game data (account, character, prospect) will be “decentralized”, i.e., it will be stored locally in players machines and, ideally, synced with the Steam Cloud.
  • Prospects will be able to be hosted on dedicated servers, with players connecting as clients.
  • As these moves make the “online” mode function more like the offline mode, these two modes may be combined.

That’s all for this week. While you salivate over the dedicated server tease, get back to your prospect and prop up a condenser to test out the new predator onslaught!

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