ICARUS Week 28 Update: Outposts, Texture Optimizations, & Fixes

RocketWerkz has posted an update on Steam detailing their week 28 update which covers changes to multiple facets of the game.

Outpost Updates

  • Olympus Outpost
    • You can now explore Olympus without any restrictions, and return at your leisure to create your own hub on the surface of Icarus.
    • The new Olympus Outpost will be locked behind a special mission for you to complete. This will be on Olympus, and require you to complete a final set of research for the UDA to deem it satisfactory for permanent inhabitance.
  • Configurable Outposts
    • Outposts will now also have the option to be customized to suit any players personal preferences. These will be labelled as ‘difficulties’ and will allow you to customize the weather severity and aggressive wildlife spawns.
icarus olympus outpost unlock mission

Key Improvements

  • We’ve made some major improvements this week which will have a large influence on the in-game experience which we wanted to note.
  • We’ve completed a major texture optimization pass. This should result in improved performance (especially if GPU was previously memory limited) and smaller game package size. There will be more to come in our next update.
  • The Thrown Spears/Knives Highlighting talent was previously breaking if looking at the object and then looking away. It now remains highlighted in that case, correctly.
  • Several missions were doing an invalid check of prospect difficulty, so design intent wasn’t being fully realized. These missions should now scale, as designed, with difficulty.
  • We’ve made some changes to the system which deals with ‘player teleporting’ if falling through the ground which should hopefully result in a better experience. This is still in development, and will be addressed in future updates also.
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